When communicating with a market, companies should utilize many different mediums. This helps to extend the reach of marketing efforts as well is appealing...

When communicating with a market, companies should utilize many different mediums. This helps to extend the reach of marketing efforts as well is appealing to prospects on different levels. Audio and video are an integral part of successful marketing efforts because they add a level of professionalism, enrichment, and engagement to any campaign.

Music is powerful. Have you ever heard a song that made you cry, laugh, or inspired you? I'm sure that you have noticed that television news stations create the music for any event they deem to be important. There are movies and television shows that are famous because of the music that is included in the show.

Companies do not often take advantage of the power of music in their marketing strategies. By using talent for voiceovers, you can increase the depth of a specific campaign. There are certain famous actors, such as Morgan Freeman, who have such a powerful voice that it seems they can sell anything. While a small business can not afford to hire Morgan Freeman for their radio ads, you can and should utilize professional voice talent to help enhance the quality of your marketing communication efforts.

There are many different ways that companies can use videos to create consistency, engagement, and enrichment in their marketing efforts. Creating a video channel with scheduled content will help increase brand recognition while making your market aware of your company's solutions. Video is also a great way to pull back the curtain on your business and allow customers to see the people who make up your company. Consumers are more comfortable buying from people, not businesses. Small businesses and home-based businesses have the advantage over large corporations in this area because they have such a small staff that they can make more personalized marketing efforts and help prospects see how the owner's personality infuses the company and its mission.

Webinars are also a powerful tool when trying to reach and educate an audience. If you record the webinar, then you can offer this recording as downloadable content to your market. It can also become part of a package for training or additional content that you are looking to sell to your customers.

Visual content can be inspirational and engaging to many people in your market. This is one reason why image-based social media sites such as Pinterest and Vine became popular in such a short period of time. By creating short videos that explain to your audience about your services or more about your organization, you are helping to appeal to your audience on more than one level. If you use videos to create case studies, you are also helping to appeal to the general public instead of just informing authorities in your field about the results of specific solutions you have found for market problems.

Consumers are becoming more sophisticated in the methods that they use to research potential companies. There has been an increase in the interest of case studies, whitepapers, and e-books as a way of gaining information about a specific organization and the expertise of its personnel. By using video case studies instead of traditional formats, your company can take advantage of this new trend in consumer research and increase conversions for your organization.

Source by Laredo Whitley