Play per play audio ads have been around for a couple of years in the testing stage and will be distributed throughout the Internet...

Play per play audio ads have been around for a couple of years in the testing stage and will be distributed throughout the Internet very soon. This method of advertising is totally different than contextual display ads that have been part of the Internet world for many years.

The play per play audio ad code is inserted into your website or blog and is programmed to play for five seconds. The content of each website involved is taken into consideration for every advertisement chosen for a website. The audio ad does not use any website real estate and is activated every time there is a new visitor.

Why Web 2 Technology Has Changed the Focus on Advertising

With the advancement of web 2 technology there is a revolution of Internet surfers going online for everyday entertainment. This being the case, television networks no longer control what people watch and how often they watch the programs that interest them. It has been predicted that television viewing audiences will be spending more time on the Internet than watching TV and will be entertaining themselves by going to their favorite website instead.

Social Networks are catering to the Internet audience and their specialized interests. This is a booming trend with these networks growing 4 times faster than the Internet itself. The big advantage is anyone can check out their favorite entertainment on the Internet and have total control compared to being forced to watch uncontrolled advertisements on television.

Big Brand Advertisers Are Jumping Aboard.

As with any business, analyzing traffic and sales is the lifeblood of their survival in a tough economic market. The Internet being a huge worldwide audience has attracted big business, looking for their market share from perspective buyers online. With Social Networking becoming the Goliath of the Internet there has been an even stronger push towards advertising through any method available.

With immense advertising budgets big brand companies will be paying a fraction of the cost of an audio ad compared to TV and print ads. The quick implementation of an audio ad on any website is an advantage to advertisers who know there are millions of prospective Internet users they could reach with their ads. Since each audio ad is tailored to a website according to content the message is heard by surfers who are interested in that particular niche.

Will Website Owners Use Pay Per Play Audio Ads?

Audio ads are 5 seconds snippets of advertising and some webmasters might worry about visitors being offended since it is an unsolicited advertisement. The developers have been testing for over 2 years and have reported very little negative feedback on this issue.

There is no charge for this program but webmasters will have to decide for themselves whether they want this type of advertising on their site.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this new form of advertising. You will never know the next time you visit a website and a 5 second audio ad will fill the air.

Source by John Whelan