Being a vacuum truck operator is a unique occupation! The operator who knows how to best use the equipment in the safest manner possible...

Being a vacuum truck operator is a unique occupation! The operator who knows how to best use the equipment in the safest manner possible certainly gains a unique feeling of accomplishment regarding the vacuum truck and the truck owner as optimal performance usually means saving both time and money.

To finish the assigned task of operating the truck at maximum performance capacity without compromising safety, an operator must know the vehicle and how it functions. Since any work that is done is enhanced with the application of efficiency and safety, an operator must understand the simple principles of physics involved in the process: performance is low when efficiency is high and the probability that an operation is in danger likewise proportionately increases.

Here are some simple facts to learn about the operating features of the vacuum truck. This information can allow an operator to complete tasks with ease and safety.

Know Hose Diameter Size Facts

As operators can and do easily change hoses from one to another, knowledge about the tubing size is very important. A slight change in diameter makes a big difference; it is therefore imperative that the truck be equipped with the appropriate size of tubing to complete the job that much faster.

If the opening is designed for an 8-inch hose, it is imperative to not use a different size of tubing to vacuum the material. For example, if a 6-inch hose is being used in an operation and the material being vacuumed reaches an 8-inch section, the material will start to back up since there is a reduced suction power in that section. This could later clog up the 8-inch hose that could result in damage to the equipment.

Know Operations Details

A vacuum truck tank is a confined space and generally only provides one way in and out. When one of these is damaged and needs repair, certain chemical substances could have been left inside of the container. It is imperative to ensure that the tank is free from such chemicals. Hazardous fumes that are enclosed inside the tank could overcome any technician who is handling the repairs.

Another thing to be remembered when working with a vacuum track tank is to never mix wet and dry materials. Mixing both materials could result in a chemical reaction inside the container without the operator’s knowledge. This reaction could produce hazardous gas and result in too much pressure within the tank, placing the operator and workers in the area at a high risk of injury.

False Sense of Security

The capabilities of the vacuum truck can always be relied upon. In fact, this equipment is powerful enough to give a false sense of security as, even with an untrained or careless operator, this machine is very forgiving. An operator who has good knowledge about the vacuum truck and is careful in its operation will achieve a timely and efficient job conclusion.

Remember in high school physics class hearing the professor state one of the classic laws of physics to the students? Namely, “In every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” A degree in physics is not required to operate a vacuum truck; however, a good sound understanding of the basic principles of physics that is applied in day-to-day vacuum truck operations will ensure a good outcome every time. Then the only daily reaction will be a safe conclusion of the task to be accomplished. Be a well-informed operator and understand basic physics!

Source by Christopher M. Hunter