With the grind and tear that you get from a hard workout, it is vital that you change the muscle groups you work out...

With the grind and tear that you get from a hard workout, it is vital that you change the muscle groups you work out every day. There is a good chance of becoming injured if you lift day after day with the same muscles. Many people recommend lifting each other day, but then you will just be missing out days that you could be getting bigger.

What you want to do is have a set schedule for your weight training and go from there. Whatever it is upper body on one day and legs on the next or arms and shoulders one day and back and legs the next, you just want to make sure that you mix up the muscles lifted. If you think you are tough and try to cheat the system, you will end up injuring yourself and sitting out for how long it takes to heal.

It is interesting to go to the gym and see the same people day after day in the weight room. This is more than fine, and kind of stimulating to try and go as much as them. What is dumbfounding is watching them go in and work out the same muscles every day. Then, of course, there is that period of time that will not see them anymore. Certainly they could be on a long vacation, but chances are they injured themselves.

Every time this topic comes up, people get worried and jump to an every other day workout. There are a couple of problems by doing this. One is that you overload yourself on the days that you actually do work out. By skipping a day, you have to lift every muscle group just to make it worthwhile.

If you only lift upper body one day and lower body the next, you are only lifting each section once or twice a week. And in order to properly weight train, there is a lot more lifting that is needed. Because of these problems, the only logical thing to do is lift every day with one day off, but switch the muscle groups you lift.

The reason injuries occasion is because the various muscle groups get worn down. If you lift each muscle group every other day, you are giving the muscle groups the time they need to rest. Also by doing this, you will now be able to fit each muscle group in three times a week without overworking them.

The next time you think about lifting several days in a row with the same muscles, reconsider your options. Balance and rest are the keys to building muscle, and switching your weight training program every day will help you accomplish this.

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