Music is an art and Hip Hop music is not only an art but a culture. Hip Hop artists should strive to make their music timely. Think of artists like the O'Jays, The Rolling Stones, and The Isley Brothers. They have been making music for many, many years and... Read more
I’m not ashamed to say that sex is one of my favorite subjects. There is little I don’t like about sex between a married husband and wife, Whenever someone asks me, “Dr. Leman, whats the best position for sex?” I always respond, “Any position is good if it gets... Read more
Music, and primarily Latino music, had its place in our family in virtually every facet of our lives. We'd watched our parents dance to the songs on the radio. The eldest sibling of seven would use music to get the rest of us to go to sleep. We're singing... Read more
Most of us have done it or seen others doing it, but is studying with music good or bad? Many students claim that the only way they can study is with music. They insist they can not study without it. However, they may want to pull those plugs out... Read more
Creating professional sounding music is not limited to DJs operating dozens of synthesizers and other instruments worth thousands of dollars having years of experience in mixing and performing. Now there are many simple convenient and cheap resources available online which let you create the same professional sound beats and... Read more
The Romantic period can also be dubbed the Era of the Sustaining Pedal. Almost every piece by a Romantic composer depends at one point or another, and sometimes throughout, on the use of the sustaining pedal. The basic reason for this change from Classic period music was the gradually... Read more
Rap and Hip Hop Music is one of the leading trends in music today. Yet, so many parents disapprove of rap/hip hop music, while kids, teens and young adults have an undying love for it. Why? Most parents want the best for their children, and so, they go about... Read more
If you’re bored with the current job, you can look into switching your career in music: earn by selling your music online. A global music artist can earn potentially millions of dollars to online audience. How to become a millionaire? You cannot be one if you get an income... Read more
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Music production involves creating the music from scratch and sound engineering involves mixing the different instruments together so it sounds nice. I will reveal both aspects as they relate to D.J.’ing but more so on the production side. For most established D.J.’s, meaning those who have been D.J.’ing for... Read more