So my wife's girlfriend is getting married, and was asking around about cool bachelorette party ideas in Vegas, so that her troupe of "girls only, boys out" can go for the weekend. In this situation, well, of course I have to think carefully before I answer, because whatever my... Read more
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I adore chocolates. All chocolates. Well, except for the brandy flavored ones and Turkish Delight, but I'm assured that that is quite normal. In fact, I used to consider myself something of a chocolate expert.That was, until I started checking out the small leaflets that come with our packs... Read more
The first thing that has to be established when talking about outercourse is what it actually is. When I deal with outercourse, I refer to it as an alternative to intercourse that does not involve vaginal penetration. It is also known as Non-Penetrative Sex (NPS). This definition is not... Read more
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