Now that you have setup your home recording studio with the proper equipment it is now time to begin recording your source sound. If...

Now that you have setup your home recording studio with the proper equipment it is now time to begin recording your source sound. If everything was wired properly then this step should be pretty simple and straightforward in the beginning. In this article we will go over some popular sound recording programs and we will also go over how to get a track armed and ready to record.

There are several good multi track recording software programs on the market and each serves a particular market, and by market I mean that it has its own complexity levels. In this article we start with on of the most popular and easy to use programs by a company called Digidesign.

Avid Digidesign has a program that is used in just about every major and project around the world and the program is known as Protools. Protools is pretty much the industry standard when it comes to recording and music production. It is simple to use once you understand the workflow of DAW or Digital Audio Workstations. This program is great if you are just getting started in home recording because this program has ultimate flexibility it can be simple to use for beginners and can get really intricate for advance users.

One of the benefits of Protools is also its set back it is a master controller for your audio card and you are required to use only Protools and M-audio approved audio interfaces. For beginners its good because both companies make really affordable gear for home and mobile recording, everything works perfectly since there is a limited range of devices and drivers for the program to screw up. It is also very program because as a newbie all you have to do is buy an audio interface, the software is included in the price of the audio interface. I would recommend going with the M-powered line cause you'll usually get more for your money while still running a full Protools suite.

The main downfall will be once you need multiple channels of audio. Once you require more than 2 inputs then you have to upgrade to their rack unit which has 8 inputs (four really usable ones) and your price point goes up about grand. Also another setback is the fact that Digidesign will make great applications but they will only be available for the truly unnecessary HD system which you really do not need unless you are running a professional commercial studio. Other than that it is a solid company and they make great gear for you to use.

Popular software for Mac users is a recording software program called Logic Pro. This is great Mac recording software and is widely the most popular recording software for Mac user other than Protools. Logic has a pretty straight forward workflow and has excellent Music Production capabilities. You can easily use VST Instruments and sample in Logic to create amazing songs. It is an all-in-one workhorse that every recording head wants in their studio. It is easy to setup instrument tracks and there are a wide range of sounds that are included with the program. You can create your instrumental in Logic in a couple minutes, then create a new track and start laying down vocal paths in seconds.

Lastly we will take a look at the new front runner in audio recording software. This program was designed by Cakewalk and is called Sonar. Sonar is what I now use to run all my sessions. It is similar to Protools in its workflow and capabilities but the technology that sonar offers is a little more superior to what Protools has to offer. Sonar is also a great Music Production software and the sounds that come with it are amazing and realistic. Expandability is excellent with Sonar and there are great tutorials on how to use the software to maximum capability. I would recommend this program to more advanced users that have worked in Protools and have become comfortable with how recording software works.

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Source by Jared Rentz