It was only a few years ago that I purchased my first audio info-product. It was written and produced by a well-known internet marketer...

It was only a few years ago that I purchased my first audio info-product. It was written and produced by a well-known internet marketer … an expert in his field … and if I said his name name, chances are you would probably know exactly who I'm talking about.

I was really excited to get my new package … and of course could not WAIT to hear it. After all, I was an audio learner, and was chompin 'at the bit to finish the download and start the audio.

But as I clicked the play button I was SHOCKED! It sounded like a bubbling fish tank!

So being the audio expert that I am, I did a little up-sampling, boosting, and noise reduction to make it tolerable and then burned a CD for my car stereo.

But even after all that work … I STILL had to STRAIN to hear the speaker … because it was a measly 16-bit file!

He was Serious ???

I paid $ 97 for that NONSENSE?

So the guy paid about 10 cents in bandwidth … and did not my $ 97 justify a quality-sounding audio?

Am I completely out to lunch?

I come from an era where I pay 15 to 25 bucks for a high quality CD. Or I go to a bookstore and purchase a professionally edited book.

Why is it that literally EVERY TIME I bought an audio e-book it was more of the same bubbling fish tank?

In frustration of the poor audio, I bought a $ 297 CD series last fall. No downloading … these were actual CD's in a pretty box. I really loved that this time my ears would not be let down.

It was a recording of a well known marketer (let's call him Mr. X), and he was interviewing another expert. We'll call him Mr. Y.

Oh those CD's looked beautiful. Bright colors. Cool graphics. And I almost drooled as I put the CD in my car stereo.

But I heard NOTHING.

I popped the CD out … and then back in … still nothing.

I then cranked the volume … and there it was! Mr. X was interviewing Mr. Y faintly in the background. Through a series of four CD's. I interrupted to listen. And once again I was frustrated.

WHY do so many internet audio products sound terrible?

This is stupid … and it just plain sucks. But creating quality audio is not hard when you know the RIGHT way to do it. And it does not have to cost an arm OR a leg to get the right gear!

Fast forward to today … if you're producing audio e-books, they really DO NOT have to sound like this. Good software is inexpensive … and so is the hardware.

The processes, techniques, and ways to avoid the blunders are now all revealed to YOU.

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QUICK TIP for audio producers … when recording an audio interview never use an internet recording service. You'll ALWAYS get a superior quality recording if you record the audio right at the source.

Source by Virginia Culp