Today I want to cover some multi-level marketing live event strategies. I know many of you love these live events but can not get...

Today I want to cover some multi-level marketing live event strategies. I know many of you love these live events but can not get past the awkwardness of bringing your warm market. Let's cover some strategies that will help you master these presentations.

I really want to stress that if you can not win (get them to show up) then do not play ball. In network marketing you can not tell them what you have before they see it. It just will not work because most people have stereotyped precautions when they hear the word multilevel marketing. If you have a tool that can change lives for the better then it's up to you to invite correctly.

My best advice to you is if you want a 100% attendance rate then pick up your guest. Also, now that you are a home based business owner it is time you started looking like a pro. Dress nice, groom yourself, and act as if you are going somewhere important! Oh, and be on time OK.

Whether you pick them up or they meet you there, you need to talk about them until the meeting starts. That means no network marketing talk at all; just find out how the wife and kids have been.

Before the MLM business presentation begins you must introduce your guest to the host / speaker and make them sound more successful than Bill Gates. Usually this is a sharp individual and a leader in your network marketing company. This is extremely important so that your guest pays attention during the home business opportunity presentation.

Now that you have their attention it is up to you to act interested in the MLM business presentation as if you are seeing it for the first time. No over the top stuff here, just pay attention and interact. I have found that taking notes also shows that you are extremely serious about your new MLM Company and this will rub off on your guest.

Now comes the moment of truth once the speaker is finished, and the presentation is complete. Who's ready to get awkward?

I've been to tons of live MLM business presentations for my current company and now it's nothing more than a game for me. I need you to be an Alpha leader; I need you to start assuming your guest wants to join your network marketing opportunity!

You are going places and now trading the days of your life for the adventure free lifestyle. Your guest must know this if you want them to join you in any multilevel marketing business.

It is now time to ask your guest to join you on your new MLM journey.

Say this and nothing more!

You- (Friends Name), how freaking cool was that, are you ready to get started?

Say this with extreme confidence and then shut your big mouth up. Your guest will do one of two things, either say flat out no, or ask you a question.

Obviously you want them asking questions because this means they are interested. Network marketing is no different from any other business that deals with sales. If objections are thrown out then that is absolutely a great thing. All this means is that your guest is wondering if a MLM business is something they could do successfully. Overcoming these objections is critical if you want your team to grow so you had better get great at this right now.

I need you to keep one thing in mind while you are answering questions. We are not looking for anyone that is not looking for us, OK …… Do not be a pushy salesman because nobody likes to be sold. This will turn your guest off faster than smelly feet.

You will most likely have to ask them to join your MLM business five different times, after overcoming objections of course.

I want you to focus on getting good at these live network marketing methods because they work, simply put. Play it cool, be the leader, and watch your MLM team grow like a West Texas brush fire.

Source by Terry Ellison


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