First of all, the important thing to know is that low cost lead generation is not complicated. Setting up your sales funnel can be...

First of all, the important thing to know is that low cost lead generation is not complicated. Setting up your sales funnel can be tricky for some people, but even that is just a series of simple steps.

I'm going to break this down for you as simply as I can in the short space and give you an idea of ​​how simple it is to generate your own leads doing just a few simple things every weekday.

Low cost lead generation tips:

* Of course you know you need to start by creating a sales funnel. That's just fancy talk for getting some automated emails ready to follow up with your new leads with valuable training inserted in the form of links to pages on your website with a video to teach them. (That's an example. You can do something else of value, like a free report or something like that.

* Next, you need to get a schedule set up for when you're going to create content. You can write articles, make videos, or both. One way or the other you'll need to have about 3 hours set aside each day to devote to content creation and distribution.

* You'll need tools in order to distribute content on a massive scale. Get the right ones and quickly learn to use them. (Do not be one of the marketers who gets stuck with learning the tool. To use it is to learn it better.

* Every day of your 5 day / week schedule create and distribute a piece of content. Start with articles only if making a video scares you. Just do it. It takes time to build up a decent set of back-links in order to get free traffic to your site. (Free traffic is one of the things that makes this "low cost lead generation".)

* Be prepared to coach your leads who use your training. Do not fret about it. Like I said, this is simple. What I'm saying is it. You just need to hold their hand for a little while and then be there when they have questions. (It's also important to not allow your students to use you as a crutch.) They'll not automatically do anything unless they can get you on the phone to walk them through it every time. that far. * wink *)

That's about it. Low cost lead generation is simply generating free traffic (the bulk of your work day.) To a previously completely prepared lead capture page and then watching to see how the traffic responds to your promises. If you're getting thousands of visitors every day then you should see some leads each day.

The biggest tip I can give you to get started is to make sure your sales funnel is really ready to take care of your leads. But again, it does not have to take longer than a few days to set it up. It's all your own fault if it takes longer. * wink *

Have a great journey. Now go out there and get out of your own way.

I'll see you at the top!

Source by Bronwen L. Oehlschlager