During the course of a man's sex life, he can face two major difficulties. One of which is not being able to make love...

During the course of a man's sex life, he can face two major difficulties. One of which is not being able to make love for long enough to satisfy his partner. The first time this might happens is usually during his first sexual experience. This is typically when a guy first experiences the inability to last long enough. Often times we expect the first time for days or even weeks, then blammo – before you know it that day comes and then ejaculation happens way too soon. Sound familiar?

This can also really have an impact on a married man too. Imagine, you have a busy life and when you finally get to hook up with your wife, you blow your wad way too soon. She has not had an orgasm during intercourse and you're done.

It is extremely important for the man to learn how to make love for longer! If not, it can have a huge impact on his self esteem and even worse the woman can lose her desire to have sex going forward (it almost becomes pointless for her if she can not have an orgasm during intercourse). It is important to be honest with yourself if you have this problem either repeatedly or just once in a while. The first step is acknowledgment.

Note; you are not the only guy to face this problem.

The 2nd monumental difficulty is this; there will come a day when a man will not be able to reach ejaculation at all. You will not be able to get an inspection anymore and if you do, it will not be that rock hard erection that you experience now. This is a huge problem because women reach their sexual prime much later in life (in their 30's and often much later into their 40's). There is the potential for making love, but as a man we need to make sure we can stand up to the task as we get older (preferably without the help of pills). To top it off, if you do get an appreciation as an older man and if you do reach orgasm, it is not the mind blowing explosion you remember. In fact, it barely trickles out. This may not have happened to you yet, but it will one day. It is a fact of life, so the only thing we can do is make sure we maintain our sexual health.

However, we can do something about both problems (making love for longer and making sure we can get an appreciation in our later years).

We can educate ourselves and learn the essential techniques of ejaculation control.

First Secret: The Pubic Coccyx or PC muscle. If we want to learn to make love longer and gain ejaculation control, it is imperative that we learn to strengthen our PC muscle (often called the love muscle). The PC is the main muscle of contraction in both male and female orgasm. Strengthening the PC muscle facilitates the strengthening of your erection and increases the sensations of your orgasm. This is massively important during the older years.

The PC muscle is the one we use to stop the flow of urine while going number one. Next time you go number one, stop the flow of ocean midstream to get the feel of how to tend up or contract your PC muscle. Also, while standing in front of the mirror, continue to contract and release your PC muscle as if you are trying to stop the flow of urine. You should notice that this will make the penis move up and down as you contract and release the PC muscle. This lets you know that you are exercising the correct muscle.

So, since you have located the right muscle, you can begin to strengthen it. Do the exercises independent of your love making. Squeeze and release 10 times, then rest, then do it again. Do this three times. Breathe while performing these exercises. Also, do this 5-10 times – squeeze and hold them for as long as you can (breathe). Learning to recognize the PC muscle and beginning to exercise the PC muscle is just one piece of the puzzle to learning to make love longer.

Source by SL Welch