The easiest way to learn Spanish today is through an interactive audio course on digital media. The reasons that this is the best way...

The easiest way to learn Spanish today is through an interactive audio course on digital media. The reasons that this is the best way are numerous: here are 5 of them:

1. Since the learning lessons are on digital media, they can be downloaded immediately, 24/7, and you can start immediately.

2. The fact that the learning program lessons are on digital media means that you can offload them from your computer to your iPod or other portable device. You can burn the lessons into CD's to take with you anywhere and playback on any CD player.

This gives you complete control over when and where you choose to listen to the lessons, when you stop, back up, replay, how many times you repeat, etc.

3. You can learn from expert native Spanish speakers who speak without regional accents and without using regional dialect. Think how hard it is to find English speakers who speak in pure 'radio news announcer' English! Well the same thing is true in Spanish. But you want to learn the pure, unaccustomed form, get it right the first time!

Most Spanish teachers are near near as good or clear as those used for recorded lessons. Most are unconsciously attending their regionalized accents to their students.

4. The best way to learn Spanish is the same way you learned English. You learned English through the conversational method. You started with a few words, typically nouns, names of people or things. Gradually you added phrases, built sentences. You learned to communicate your ideas, questions and observations.

Learning Spanish through interactive audio methods is very close to the same way. You learn spoken words, gradually build these words into phrases, sentences and conversation. You learn how to use the new language to communicate, just as you learned English.

You go from thought in your mind to expression of that thought through spoken words. You remember it not because of grammatic rules but simply as the way you say it when you express that thought. The rules and niceties of grammar come later, after you learn to communicate.

5. The cost is much less. Traditional classroom learning methods are inherently expensive. Costs include the space involved, the time of the trained professional teacher, the electricity, the guard for the facilities, the printing costs for the books, etc., etc.

You can get an excellent learning course in conversational Spanish for around $ 100. The most popular are Rocket Spanish, Learn Spanish Like Crazy and Fsi Spanish.

The most expensive, which will take you through formal university Spanish as well as what you need for everyday conversations, can be bought for $ 500 or less through Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone.

No university or city college course of study is likely to come close to those cost figures. And how many college students, even in their 3rd or 4th course, can actually speak the language? Not many will even be close to speaking Spanish as well as someone who has finished a 30 lesson 'learn conversational Spanish audio cd' course!

So there you have it. The reasons are effectiveness, quality of accent, ease of learning, convenience of hours and location and low cost. The conclusion is, if you want to learn conversational Spanish, get a learning course on audio CD's or digitally down-loadable, in MP3 format!

Source by Jorge Chavez