Hey Guys! In this article I will lay out the different approaches of creating hip hop beats and compare the methods. I will have...

Hey Guys! In this article I will lay out the different approaches of creating hip hop beats and compare the methods. I will have a look at the costs, sound quality, usability and give my recommendation for you at the end. Basically there are three different methods you can choose.

1. Finding a Freeware Beatmaker

If you want to start making your own beats and are not concerned about quality you can try it with a freeware beatmaker. Feel free to try it out but I strongly recommend that you read the full article if you want to take it serious. We will have a look at way better products later. As I said the sound quality of freeware tools sucks, but hey: it's free …

2 Recording Beats with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

If you have some experience in the music business you probably heard of these softwares. Looking at quality most of the DAW's are able to produce top notch industry standard beats. The problem is that it takes a lot of knowledge to produce with these and it takes forever to see a good result. These softwares are designed to replace a professional recording studio so you can create beats but will be confused with countless menus, settings and knobs before you can start. Believe me: you will never use 99.9% of this packages. The other downside of this solution are the costs which are quite horrible. You can easily spend thousands just for the software.

3. Creating Beats with a Beatmaker

A Beatmaker is a software designed to produce beats right of the box so you can focus on the important parts without all those technical problems. The sound quality varies from crappy to awesome so make sure you pick the right one! The other great bit is that you do not need to buy tons of gear to produce the beats you love. Just install it, fire it up and start producing.

I suggest that you use DUBturbo. It produces beats in 44.1 Stereo 16 bit PCM wav-format which is the industries standard for CD's. The software is really self-explanating, intuitive and easy to use. Also it comes with thousands of samples, drum kits and instruments right of the box. pricing is really low at the moment and compared to other products which do not even came close it has a stunning value I was surprised how easy it really is to make professional hip hop beats if you just have the right tool to do the job.

Source by Jan Josham