Perhaps you are laughing, at how you can even imagine a "slim self." Ask yourself, "How could I even think of myself as slim,...

Perhaps you are laughing, at how you can even imagine a "slim self." Ask yourself, "How could I even think of myself as slim, when I have been struggling with weight for most of my life."

If we need to we can change that adjective and make it a verb … How about- LOVE YOUR SLIMMING SELF. Can you begin to imagine yourself getting slimmer? Can you picture yourself in that outfit you have hidden in the back of the closet?

Can you think about what you felt like when you were slimmer than you are now? Will you begin to have a vision of yourself at a lighter weight? Will you give up thinking that you are FAT, OVERWEIGHT, OBESE, HEFTY, HAVE THUNDER THIGHS, or any of the descriptive ideas you have collected over your lifetime?

If YES, then you are on your way to creating something wonderful in your life. It must be an uniquivocal, Yes … no cheating on this one, because what you think about does not count calories, it just is …. and once you realize the significance of the power of thinking and your thoughts many things will change.

If NO, if you are not ready to STOP thinking about your "fatness" and overweight problem, if you are not willing to give up the critical self, the judging itself and the "hard on yourself" self, then we have to do some more work.

It is not impossible for you to achieve that desired slim self, you just have to want it and believe that you deserve to have what you want. If it is still NO … then be gentle and use the technique that you are WILLING … some of us have to be WILLING TO BE WILLING and you can add as many WILLINGS as you would like and then give yourself the time to accept that you will someday be at the YES

Let's take the YES and move to the LOVE piece. Now here we can certainly come to an understanding of compassion and empathy.Think of your best friends, loved ones, children, or relatives who you cherished and who loved you back.

Can you remember the feeling of loving those people, of caring for them, of saying and doing things that you loved doing for them? Can you conjure up the feeling inside about how much you cared, no matter what happened, and how you were there for them and would always go that extra mile.

Take that feeling, the one of love, care, compassion, empathy, and kindness and … hold on to your seat-belt … I am going to ask you to do something with that feeling you just re-created. Can you sense it in you body? Can you feel it in your heart? Can you make it stronger when you think of them and how much you really love them?

Now, take that feeling and pour it all over yourself …. that's right, simply take the feeling as if it were a glorious waterfall and allow it to bathe you in the feeling of love …. Now there you have it. ..Love your slim self ….. great start!

Source by Gena Rotas