The advent of the element of High Fidelity has revolutionized the way in which we see images and hear sounds. These reproductions are devoid...

The advent of the element of High Fidelity has revolutionized the way in which we see images and hear sounds. These reproductions are devoid of any distortions and can reproduce accurately. A Hi-Fi system refers to an assembly of audio players, video players digital surround speakers and television sets. High Fidelity has been around for many decades but it is used to refer to any advanced audio or video equipment. Home theater systems represent the latest technological advancement in this field. However, it is possible for individuals to build their own equipment by selecting individual components and assembling them. Every enthusiast must remember to include some components that could heighten his or her experience.

Every system is made up of

1. The play-back device

2. A set of amplifiers and

3. Loudspeakers

The play-back device is the CD player, the DVD player. Many of the systems have a player that can adapt to any sound format. The amplifiers enhance the sounds in the recordings that give listeners the high fidelity experience. Every image and sound in the original recording is converted into powerful signals which are then fed into the loud-speakers. These loud-speakers form another integral part of the system. They are equipped with a "tweeter" that can pick up sounds of a very high pitch, the mid-range speaker that can receive sounds within the range of human hearing and the bass speaker that is tuned in to receive sounds of a low range. Many hi-fi systems have sub-woofers which can pick bass sounds and reproduce them realistically. This is how a theatrical experience is created.

There are various kinds available in the market. They are the Mini, the Midi Hi-Fi systems and the Micro Hi-Fi systems. The Micro Hi-Fi systems are very compact and are available in single piece.

Power output is the next consideration. This is measured in terms of a unit called "watt" It is important to bear this point when you connect speakers to the system. The power output of the system and the speakers must be compatible.

Before you actually decide on the system, do verify all the claims made by the dealer. Listen carefully to the system when it is demonstrated. Make sure the speakers are placed properly for good audio reception. It is better to ask for a demonstration of all the competitive brands. Do make sure the price and warranty offered are fair.

If you would like to assemble your set, then check out all the accessories and study the brochure carefully. Ask the dealer for relevant reading material. These guidelines and a visit to the showroom should help you make up your mind. The system you buy should have images and sounds that cohere to recreate an enticing fantasy.

Source by Fredrick Joy