What kind of men do women really want? In this article we will discuss the successful traits that women absolutely love in men like...

What kind of men do women really want? In this article we will discuss the successful traits that women absolutely love in men like attitude, strong personality, charisma and others.

You know, every man has the ability to seduce women. And as i have said, seducing women its AN ABILITY, meaning that i can be learned. Its not a rocket science or something that you must be born with. Attracting women is much more about your attitude, appearance and personality than your looks.

To successfully attract women, you must develop the personality that women like. You wont attract anybody if you a tedious and boring guy, that cant make anyone laugh (and heres a hint, if you want to make a very nice first impression on women, just make them laugh, this is a killer ). Do you consider yourself a cool guy? If not, observe the cool guys at your city and see how them look, talk and interact with girls. You will quickly see a pattern that all of them follow and with that pattern you will be quickly on your way to success.

If you ask them, 999 out of 1,000 women will say that they are waiting for the Man. Still, the concept itself is very vague. A girl will feel when she is with a Man, but that doesn’t help you too much, does it? In order to understand it from our viewpoint, we will look at genetics again. Women are acceptors, while men are donors. An acceptor can choose whether to accept what the donor gives or not. Hot girls are spoiled by the numerous unconditional offers they get and usually reject them flatly.

Another thing you should consider is if you stand out from the rest. Do you have a cool and modern style or are you still using the same clothes and haircut from 10 years ago? Women just love these modern and fashion guys. If you can look more modern and fashion you will be light-years ahead and your game will be much better.

They love to remind us that its they who choose. But this is not ALWAYS the case. A hot woman will meet many average Joes every day. Of course, she could select any of them if she wanted.

But what she craves is a real Man. And heres the twist: That Man is not a real Man for her alone, but for all other women as well. He has qualities to which all girls will respond. Its wired inside them. He is now the one in the position of power. So, in the end, she will have to do the dirty work and seduce him. Women don’t spend hours in front of the mirror just to be sure that they look their best, but also to ensure that when a real Man comes, he notices them.

You should always focus on your inner game. Of course if you improve your looks and appearance thats a huge bonus, but the most important is how confident you feel. If you feel confident and relaxed the conversation will flow naturally and you will make make women attracted to you.

Source by Johan M Krost


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