While there are a lot of coaches who are really effective, there are some who are simply unable to make an impact on the...

While there are a lot of coaches who are really effective, there are some who are simply unable to make an impact on the lives of their trainees. The difference usually lies on the techniques that they are using during their coaching programs.

Here's how you can improve your coaching techniques:

1. Elevate the status of your clients from trainees to partners. You can make your coaching programs a lot effective and a lot interesting if you can treat your clients as partners. By doing this, you can easily work together towards reaching their goals or resolving their pressing issues. Build personal relationship with them before you even start the program and make them feel comfortable in talking to you. An open line of communication can help you easily understand where your clients are coming from and can make the process of teaching a lot easier.

2. Let them talk. Although people would love to get directions and information from the experts, they will certainly appreciate it if you let them talk during the program. By this, I do not mean giving them a few minutes to voice out their concerns. What I mean is giving them the spotlight and letting them do the talking most of the time. Your role? Listen to these people and ask questions once in a while until you get a clear picture as to what they would like to happen. You see, when you let your trainees talk, you'll get subtle cues as to what they really need and you'll get a solid idea as to how you can easily help them out.

3. Reward and punishment technique. I bet, we all grow up with this technique. Our parents will give us a bicycle or buy us whatever we want if we get A and Bs on our class card. This really works because we get motivated to do better and better, right? You can use this technique on your coaching programs to get people to exert more effort and more energy. You can offer them with ebooks, relevant tools, audio products, or even free sessions each time they contribute to the success of your program.

4. Lead by example. As a coach, you will need to practice what you preach otherwise, you will not be credible to the eyes of your target market.

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