There are many bearcat scanners in the market, but ask anyone and Uniden is what they would recommend. I personally believe that Uniden is...

There are many bearcat scanners in the market, but ask anyone and Uniden is what they would recommend. I personally believe that Uniden is the best brand of radio scanners in the industry. I can prove this through this review of the Uniden BC95XLT Nascar Bearcat Portable Scanner. This is one of the most functional scanners I have ever used, and I think everyone should know more about this model. I'm not being biased – this really is a very good model.


One thing I especially like about this is that it moved away from the conventional black and made use of a navy blue color for its body. It's a very nice innovative touch to a very high-tech device. The model is designed to be very handy for extreme flexibility and portability – perfect for all your outdoor needs. The dimensions of the device are 2.66 '' x 1.25 '' x 4.25 '' and it weighs a mere 6.0 ounces; great for everyday handheld use. The model comes with a belt clip for easier portability. This adds safety to the use of the device, and having it in your hands all the time would just be inconvenient anyway.

The beautiful LCD display has an orange backlight and very clear digits for easy reading even in different light conditions. You have a choice of using AC / DC power or batteries for operating this device. This makes it easy to operate at home and outdoors. The long antenna is designed for extra efficient frequency reception, and it's useful indeed because the reception of this device is very good.

Scanning and Audio Output

I have had a lot of bearcat scanners, most of them also Uniden, but this model has the most channels that I have ever encountered. It has 200 channels and 10 service banks. You can save up to 20 channels in each bank so you can separate the frequencies according to the categories you like. You can have them designed by department, by distance, or by other categories – which you prefer. But the device itself has six preprogrammed service banks which are already separated according to their departments: police, fire / emergency, aircraft, ham, marine, and weather channel banks. You can even search for unlisted frequencies that are used in your area through the 10 programmable search ranges.

The device also has the Close RF Capture function that allows you to detect active frequencies in your neighborhood. You also get to program one priority channel from each bank that you created so that you will remain updated with the activities in the vacancies you want or need to tune in to.

The audio output of this model is similar to other models, with a maximum of 490 mW. The built-in speaker is 32 mm in diameter, and it's an 8-ohm dynamic type for better audibility.

Other Features

The usual features of Uniden scanners – key lock, two second delay, and pager screen – are also found in this model. The key lock prevent accidental changes in the setting of the radio. The two second delay during scanning is one of the most important features for me because it prevails the lapse of an important transmission. This feature allows every channel to remain tuned while there is activity in the frequency, and only after two seconds of no transmission will the scanning continue. There's also a memory back-up for the device so you will not worry about the channels that you saved even if a power outout occurs. The battery low alert informs you that your radio is near power outage, and you can stand by or change the batteries as soon as it is completely drained. The NASCAR feature is also excellent for all those NASCAR fanatics out there who want to get great, clear, and updated reception about the sport.


This is one of the best bearcat scanners on the market today. The Uniden BC95XLT Nascar Bearcat Portable Scanner is really very useful and I love its reception. I am confident to recommend this model to anyone out there who wants a great scanner with extreme functionality and great reception quality.

Source by Jacob Akshire