It's absolutely incredible how we take our minds for granted and just let them run along in their semi-alert state, content with the status...

It's absolutely incredible how we take our minds for granted and just let them run along in their semi-alert state, content with the status quo. We read articles in the newspaper that do not challenge us or make us think and watch television programs that atrophy the brain. It's almost like an international disease.

But the real tragedy of all of this is the unfulfilled potential we all have because our minds are the single most important factor in determining who we are and what we do as individuals. There's been an intense amount of publicity recently about The Secret who main message is that we can achieve anything if we really believe that we can.

If your mind is positive and creative, you can become all you ever dream of becoming.

Most of the highly successful people in the world today have a steadyfast belief in their own ability. Some are naturally confident from the way they've been brought up but the major have certainly taken the time to work on improving their minds. And what fantastic rewards they've received!

Here's a warning for you that you might find shocking – if your mind is negative and inactive, it's very likely you will not amount to anything in life – ever. You may live a life of 'quiet desperation' possibly making other people happier than you are yourself. Analyzing the lives of some of the most notorious people in the world would reveal that they always fed their minds with negative thoughts. What's more insidious is the number of newspapers, radio presenters or TV hosts who are also very negative – but are taken for granted. We just accept it.

We develop our minds by what we put into it. If we are constantly putting negative information into our minds, these results to negative thoughts and extremely negative actions. Do you know anyone who would fit this description? The glass is always half empty.

Of course before it gets too gloomy, it should be obvious that it does not have to be that way. If you want to have creative, stimulating thoughts, you just need to cut out the negative stuff and be careful to just read, listen or watch stimulating, positive information.

The most common and easiest way to do this is by reading the right kinds of books but unfortunately, we live in very busy times where sitting down to read a book is considered a luxury.
Fear not – there is an alternative!

Thankfully with audio books, the more switched on amongst us are using such books in our dead time – such as traveling or washing the dishes – to remind ourselves what's important and keep ourselves on the right track. We reinvigorate our values ​​and motivation ourselves to do the right thing by aiming higher and reaching for the stars. The higher you aim the more you'll achieve – and that goes for everyone.

Source by Paul O'Kane