Looking younger is a timeless obsession that many people chase after and few actually find. If you look in your bathroom mirror and wonder...

Looking younger is a timeless obsession that many people chase after and few actually find. If you look in your bathroom mirror and wonder why your skin is starting to wrinkle, it may be time to do something about it. Here is a look at some of the ways people of yesterday have dealt with this issue, which will make you glad you are living in the 21st century with modern day medical spas.

Many years ago in ancient Greece, people sought the blessing of Hebe’s Cup. Hebe was the wife of Hercules and cup bearer to the gods, bringing them wine when they wanted it. She was known as the goddess of youth and drinking from her cup was believed to restore lost youth to the aging, and protect children from harm.

Sometimes, wealthy women would go to Hebe’s statue and seek a night of youthful enjoyment (under the cover of darkness). Of course, one had to present sacrifices to the goddess to receive this favor. In addition, these sacrifices were not cheap. In the long run, depending on the favor of a goddess can yield mixed results, to say the least. It also can be hard on the pocketbook.

Many people are familiar with Ponce de Leon and his quest for the Fountain of Youth. In fact, it was believed to be somewhere in Florida. This may explain why so many older people are living there now, as the search for eternal youth goes on.

The Fountain of Youth legend goes back much further than the Spanish in America. According to the ancient Greek Herodotus, a fountain in Africa was said to have magic powers of restoration. All a person had to do was wash in this fountain to enjoy lovely looking skin and a very long life.

Legend has it that an ancient land called Bimini contained a magic fountain. No one knew the exact location but it was believed to be in the Caribbean. This fountain was said to restore lost youth.

There are several problems with finding an actual fountain of youth. First, one must actually locate one. Next, the odds of the fountain actually living up to its reputation are as remote as the regions that contain these amazing waters.

Sometimes the secret to youth may be in the blood, literally. A well respected and trusted Italian philosopher of the 15th century, Marsilio Ficino, had a most unique suggestion on restoring youth. The answer lay in drinking the blood of someone who was young. This way, you were getting all the good things inside a youthful and energetic body. Unfortunately, this did not prove to be effective, and fortunately the practice has not caught on.

These are only a few of the many unusual things about the quest for youth in the past. The next time someone tells you about an ancient secret to youth rejuvenation, be skeptical. Remember all the good things that modern science has given to you. For instance, you have the advantages of medical spas with an actual doctor. They employ time-tested techniques which yield proven results.

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